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Daily Net Pay Private Trade Shares

The FIRST of the programs we selected to start earning good money online is a program with you can start for as little as $20 and is very easy to do.

the income you can earn completely PASSIVELY, that is without the need to advertise, promote or refer people yourself. But as we repeatedly mention on this site, you will earn MORE income and FASTER when you too ACTIVELY promote your home business

This program is called Daily Net Pay Private Trade Sharesand can earn you avirtually unlimited income!

Selecting a program to invest to earn money is a difficult decision with so many opportunities available online.

It's a fact that many programs are just scams and only interested in emptying your wallet. Others appear and then disappear just as quickly, leaving you behind.

A lot depends on who is behind these programs: the founders or owners.
Are they trustworthy? Are they reliable? Can they be contacted easily or "hide" behind an email adress? Similarly, how good is the program? How long is the program online already?

In short, a lot of questions! That's why we like to introduce you to the owners of the programs we promote and share with you our experiences with them. In this way you can take a better founded decision to join or not.


The owner of the DNP-PTS, John Kielec, is a highly trustworthy and experienced Online Network Marketer who has well over 24 years of experience online. He regularly earns a 6 figure income. John is from Poland but since many years lives in Canada. During the cold wintermonths he moves to his condominium in Miami. Recently he also bought a condominium in Poland to stay closer to his family members and friends there. This is not to brag but to show that he really lives the enjoyable "Internet Life" we all are looking for with total financial freedom.

We from PHS are working with John Kielec since 2007, the very start of our program. Therefore we can honestly and based on personal experiences say that John Kielec is:

  • a very reliable and trustworthy person. What he says he will deliver;
  • a very capable and knowledgeable Advertising Expert and Internet Marketer;
  • very motivated to help its members becoming successful as well by providing lots of valuable information and strategies through manuals, webinars and training courses.
  • very accessible to contact him personally by email, telephone, skype and other ways to get your questions answered.
  • a person who strongly believes that "IF I CAN DO THIS, THERE IS NO REASON WHY YOU CAN'T AS WELL!"



When you join DNP-PTS you can purchase so called Private Trade Shares (PTS). All the money from the PTS purchases are pooled together in 1 Fund which DNP uses to Trade in Currencies and then shares the profits among the PTS share owners.

The main benefit is that you do not need to be an "expert currency trader" to earn money but benefit from the knowledge and experience of DNP to profit from this very lucrative opportunity.

The investments are made in Currency trades, mostly FOREX currencies (USD, EURO, Yen and most other currencies available) but also Crypto currencies. The basic idea is to buy Currencies when they are relatively "cheap" and then sell them when they reach a higher price and take out the profit.

As all trading and investing involves risks, not always a profit will be made and sometimes a loss will occur. You must be aware of this when deciding to join!

PHS is not a registered investment adviser and thus cannot make any recommendations about making any currency or crypto-currency trades, etc. et al. Please use your own research, judgement and risk capital

This does not mean however that automatically you will lose your money when a trade loss occurs! Read on for the explanation of this:

All PTS shares will earn a 150% Payout and then becomes automatically deactivated and will stop earning you profits. When at certain days a Currency trade results in a loss you won't lose your money but it means that it will take longer before the 150% Payout is reached. On the contrary, if some Trades result in higher than average profits, the 150% Payout may be reached earlier!

PTS shares are brought through the DNP-PTS Adpack #1. You can just buy 1 share (for $20) or you can buy shares in bundles of 5, 10, 25 or 50 shares at once.

As you can double or triple your income by referring other people to DNP-PTS it makes sense to promote your PHS referral Site as much as possible. See below for the details of Adpack #1

You will earn money with DNP-PTS in 2 ways:

  1. Through the profits of the Trades DNP realizes. (150% Return Payout)

  2. Through the COMMISSIONS you will earn when your personal referrals purchases PTS packs as well. ($5 for each PTS)

  3. Through the Commissions you will earn when your personal referrals also purchase a DNP Adpack #2. $10 from each Personally referred member (level 1) and $5 from each Personally referred member;s member (level 2)



Details of what Daily Net Pay Adpack #2 offers:

NEW 2019!

NEW IN 2019!


When you join DNP and purchase 5 PTS at once ($100), you will automatically receive a free #1 Ad Pack entrance in the Revenue From Advertising program (valued at $10!).


In addition, DNP will ad your RFA referral URL in the RFA Coop Advertising
to help you to get 3 downline members in RFA without any cost
3 members is all you need to earn a substancial profit from RFA! RFA is a
great Advertising / Earning program with which you get credits to advertise
your programs and earn a substantial program when you go through the
different Adpacks!
Upgrading to the next level Adpack can be done Out-Of-Profit from the
previous level. See the image below How RFA works.

RFA bonus


For those DNP-PTS members who don't have the time, don't want to or don't know how to promote, DNP-PTS offers also Adpack #2. By purchasing this Adpack #2 DNP will do the advertising and promotion for you! See below for the details of Adpack #2. It even includes the purchase of 1 PTS!


This is what Daily Net Pay Adpack #2 offers

Sofar, the trades done by DNP has shown very good profits on average so we feel very confident to recommend this program to you!.



You must first JOIN DNP to be able to login to your DNP members area:

arrow down


Once there, click the Join button
on the top horizontal menu bar
When filling in the registry form select the
DNP Adpack (31 or #2) you wish to buy!

If you do NOT make the payment at the time of registering,
your DNP application will be on file for up to 48 hours,
after that your DNP unpaid position will be deleted!

You will join PHS with the referral URL of your
first PHS upline sponsor who is also a member of DNP