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The image below shows you exactly what happens when you decide to use OPTION 1 to join the T90KP program directly and purchase the STAGE 1 Level 1 position.

Details of the Stages and Levels of the Trine 90K Plan

At stage 1 you will be building your T90KP team by going through Levels 1-3 starting with the purchase of Level 1 for $5.

This is a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION you will have to pay every month. When you are earning a NET PROFIT you can pay this Out-Of-Profit. It depends on how much you promote when you will be in Net-Profit.

The purchase of Option 1 does not include any advertising and you are dependent on your own advertising campaigns to bring in new members!

The income you will earn at each level is enough to upgrade out-of-profit to the next level.

At Stage 1 levels 2 and 3 the program offers an unique service which is called the Reversal Entry. See below for details what this means.

What is a "Reversal Entry"?

The program software monitors continuously who is earning and who is not. If a member is NOT earning the system will look for a member who is earning and will give this earning member a second automated position which will be placed under the member who is not earning yet. This is called a "Reversal Entry".

This unique T90KP reversal entry matrix system keeps working continuously to ensure our members are in a positive position pocketing profits month after month. With program longevity planned in advance, and stealth tactics included in our compensation plan.

The TRINE 90K PLAN is formulated to
continue to grow and prosper over time!

When you complete Stage 1 you will have a total of 39 members in your T90KP Team who will all follow you into stage 2 over time and have earned $462 during this stage.

At this moment you will continue with Stage 2 by purchasing Stage 2 Level 1 position (out-of-profit from Stage 1!) 

At Stage 2, Level 1 there will be a deduction of $250 that will be used to Purchase the DNP Ad Pak #3 which includes the first 5 Advertising Packages/ levels in the Revenue From Advertising program (RFA).

When this happens, the Revenue From Advertising (RFA) sponsor will earn Instant $150 commission. You will earn the same when your Team members, who are following you in T90KP, reach this stage as well!

At Stage 2, Level 2 there will be deduction of $1100 that will be used to Purchase the DNP Ad Pak #4 which includes the 10 Advertising Packages in the RFA . For the NEW Member this will start a new income journey to another $97,580.00+ income.


AS YOU SEE, SELECTING OPTION 1 TO JOIN T90KP is a good choice if you are very limited on funds to invest as it will bring you over time in all the 3 programs interlinked in the T90KP program Out-Of-Profit!

But it will take you longer as you initially depend on your own Advertising Campaigns to start growing your Team as compared to the options 2 and 3!

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