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"Wealth Team International Association"

(WTIA 2.0)

This is a great program to add to your PHS Homebiz business portfolio.

This is not the typical, traditional "Money Earning program" you may expect. Although you can earn a great income here with its very lucrative referral compensation scheme, WTIA goes far further.

Basically WTIA is a legal Association of Home Based Entrepreneurs founded more than 25 years ago by Rick Mathews. It's all about Empowering Member Associate Owners to accumulate active, passive, residual and legacy income.


The founder of WTIA is Rick Mathews who has over 50 years experience online and who more than 25 years ago started the WTIA Newsletter and Association. Since then WTIA has been a continuous and growing success with thousands of members worldwide.

In fact, John Kielec (remember, from Action Step 2!) started his online business following the WTIA success by turning it into his own benefit!
John Kieled started the Fortune 5 Minutes Millionaires Program (F5M-MC) which essentially was a LOW-COST feeder program to get new members into WTIA.

The F5M-MC over the years has developed in Daily Net Pay (DNP) and Revenue From Advertising (RFA) which most recently were incorporated into the Trine 90K Plan (T90KP)!

Since the start, both Rick Mathews and John Kielec has worked closely together although always they maintained the independence of their respective programs. From our experiences we can say that, like John Kielec, Rick Mathews is equally a highly experienced and successful Internet Marketer who is honest, trustworthy and quite accesible for contacts. He is always willing to share his experiences and show his results rather than just promoting programs he has joined. As he always says “DOCUMENTATION beats representation.”


WTIA News is the Association’s email newsletter, its primary product and service. It's a source of information, updates and breaking news for Member Associate Owners, along with its YouTube Channel, Twitter Feed, Live Online Conferences and ancillary products and services available for download in the WTIA Member's Area.

Through the newsletter you will receive constant information about new and promising programs you may want to join, complete with assesments, tips, advice and strategies how to become successfull with them.

If you plan to continuously grow and diversify your home business and income, the WTIA 2.0 membership is an INVALUABLE RESOURCE to identify and evaluate lucrative and reliable new sources, guided by a very successful and trustworthy Internet Marketing Expert while making a good income through the referral compensation plan!


The annual membership is just $100. This may seem a lot to you but remember the enormous potential WTIA offers to grow a huge annual income by bringing in new members to WTIA.

Most likely, during your first membership year you already may have earned far more than this $100 and next years you'll pay your membership "out-of-profit"!

As collectively all WTIA members are the OWNERS of the Association (Rick Mathews is only the administrator of it and earns his money like all the other members through his own personal membership!).

All the membership revenues are distributed among all members. How much each member earns depends on the number of new members he brings into the WTIA 2.0. You work harder, you'll earn more. That's fair.

What is revolutionary however is that each member can have only 3 downline members. The first 2 referrals go into your Training Group and your 3rd member goes into your Primary group.

When a member brings in more than 3 members they will be placed under his members, bringing them a direct economic benefit.

In addition, when the Training and Primary groups grow they will pay you BONUSES, adding to your personal income although they are placed under your downlines. You won't "lose" these "spilled over" members as they will bring you continuously yearly extra bonuses.

The fact that these "spill overs" also bring income to your downline members will help you to create a highly profitable, motivated and very active Team, helping your income to grow as well.

This is a clear "WIN-WIN" concept for ALL members of WTIA!

At first, it may be a bit complicated to understand and grasp this concept, so take some time to go through the following video:

The image below present a graphic with the WTIA 2.0 revenue distribution, showing you the great potential of it:

WTIA 2.0 Revenue Distribution Table

If you can afford it, you should consider joining WTIA at about the same time you join T90KP. If you can not afford it at that early time, try to join WTIA 2.0 as soon as possible when your profits allow you to do so!

There are 2 important and excellent reasons why you should join BOTH T90KP and WTIA 2.0 as soon as possible:

  1. Both programs are excellent money earners!

  2. As you will be promoting your PHS referral URL to grow your team you must be aware that your PHS referral site only shows your referral URLs for those programs you are a member of.

    If you are not a member of a certain program your referral site will show the referral URL of your FIRST UPLINE PHS MEMBER who is a member of it. Usually this will be your PHS Team leader but if he has not (yet) joined it either, it might be his Teamleader and so on.

    If you are a member of T90KP (and updated your referral URL in your PHS members area!) your site will show your T90KP referral URL and your team member will join under you in T90KP. But if this new member also decides to join WTIA 2.0 as well and you are NOT a member of WTIA 2.0, your member will join WTIA not under you but under your Teamleader (or first upline member who is a member of WTIA 2.0).
    That's a missed opportunity to earn more money!



Join the lucrative and informative WTIA 2.0 Legal Wealth Team International Association here

Join WTIA 2.0 using the referral link of your PHS Teamleader
by clicking the image below:

Join WTIA 2.0 here