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-Auto responders-

Autoresponders to use with the Plugin Homebiz Site


In the most simple terms “an autoresponder is a tool which sends emails to persons who have given you explicit permission to send them emails”.

The easiest way to explain why you need an autoresponder and how it works is using an example:

You have joined one of our recommended business model programs and start promoting it. Most likely this program has given you one or several URL’s to promote the program. What you can do (and what most people erroneously do) is take that URL and start promoting it on the Internet.

When a person sees the website he may be attracted by it and fills in the form with his name and email address and he will be added to the program’s auto responder.

The program auto responder has a set of prewritten follow up emails which will send the emails to the members who filled in the form in a preset order and sequence.

A typical sequence is like this:

EMAIL 1 >>> A welcome email which is send inmediately after the website visitor has filled in the form and clicked the submit button.

EMAIL2 >>> This email is send the day following the day that the welcome email has been sent. This email, and the following emails will each give specific information about the program and motivates the reader to buy or join it.

EMAIL3 >>> This email is send 3 days after EMAIL2 is sent.

The owner of the responder defines how many emails will be send and at which sequence.

Auto responders are an important tool because most visitors do not buy the FIRST time they see a program or product but need to be exposed to it on average about 8 times before they decide to buy it or not! An auto responder does exactly that: exposing interested prospects several times to your offer to increase the probability that they finally decide to take it!

Now back to the example, what happens is that you are building a LIST for your program and not for yourself!

Would it not be better if all these people were added to an auto responder you own? You would be creating, over time, a large list of people to which you are allowed to send emails to.

Initially you send them emails about the program in which they showed interest but later on you may suggest to them other programs you are promoting.

Especially people on your LIST who did buy something from you and are pleased with it, are more likely to follow your advice and recommendations in future as well and may become one of your most valuable clients!

That is why you should have your own auto responder and not build the LIST FOR THE PROGRAM OWNERS!

Of course, if you want to promote with a site which has YOUR AUTO RESPONDER FORM on it you need to have acces to the following tools:

  1. The auto responder program
  2. A domain name
  3. Web hosting
  4. Software to create the sites with your offer and auto responder optin form

You see, it's not that easy to market the best way and that's why most people continue promoting the program's
referral URL and not building their own list! And to be fair, many people do make good money online without all the tools mentioned above.

But this is not to say that's impossible!

Especially not when you join the pogram LEAD GENERATING TOOLS or LGT from Steven Swetman. We are using this program for many years and we do all our websites, auto responders, list building and many other things with them. They are without doubt the most COST-EFFECTIVE program out there if you see all the tools you can get with them. And their support is rarely seen online! They really go out of their way to help their members!

They offer different memberships and what is included in each of them you can find on their site.

To be honest, the available FREE membership really will not bring you far! Only take it when you have serious doubts if LGT will be something for you! As always, the most expensive membership (PLATINUM, $39.95/month) offers the most services but you perfectly well can start with one of the 2 lower end memberships and get a perfect start with a very complete and effective set of business tools! These are the EZ Biz membership ($5.95/m or $39.95/year) or the Team LGT membership ($8.95/m or $79.95/year).
Included web hosting services start with the Team LGT membership and higher.

The PHS and LGT arranged for a
(exclusively for PHS members!)
who decide to join LGT at either the

or GOLD membership!

Lead Generating Tools special discount exclusively for Plugin Homebiz Site members

To benefit from the LGT discount you have to include one of the
following DISCOUNT CODES when you subscribe to LGT:

TEAMLGT membership >>>> homebiz30offteam

EZ-BIZ membership >>>> homebiz10offezbiz

GOLD membership >>>> gold3off

When you are already a registered free member you need to login
and you will see that you need to choose a paid package
Again the coupon can be used!

To know how much commissions you can earn from LGT here is the info:

LGT Commissions:

You will earn commissions only from down line members if they are joining
at the same or lower membership level than you are!

Free Members

Earn 10% Commission  
Pay out must reach $25.00

Easy Biz Promoter and Team LGT Members

receive 15% commissions on all sales.
Pay out must reach $25.00.

Gold Members

$5 Commission from an Easy Biz Promoter Sale of $5.95 a month.

$5 Commission from a Team LGT Sales of $8.95 a month.

$20 Commission from an Easy Biz Promoter Yearly Membership Sale of $39.95 per year.
($10 if they come from the special PHS/LGT discount mentioned above)

$35 Commission from a Team LGT Yearly Membership Sale of $79.95 per year.
($15 if they come from the special PHS/LGT discount mentioned above)

$5 Commission from a Gold Membership Sale of $22.95 a month.