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-Tracking your advertising-

Tracking your Advertising is an integral part of the Plugin Homebiz Site

How would you feel if it were you in the above image
and find out that most of your hard work and money invested
to advertise your Plugin Homebiz Site does not work?

Probably you would feel pretty bad and desillusioned right?

However, there are methods and tools that will TELL YOU WITH EXACTITUD how well (or poor) your advertising is performing! And that's very important to know because it allows you to stop using poor performing advertising materials and advertising sources and concentrate your efforts and money on those that work!

These tools are called TRACKING TOOLS. When you use them constantly and correctly ( and take action on the information you will get!) you will see that your advertising campaigns will be more productive over time. That is, for every 1000 hits your advertisements will receive more and more people will join you in your team!

Tracking tools work like this:

Say you want to use one of the promotion pages we provide in our advertising materials. You just copy the URL of this page (with your referral ID included!) and paste it in a TRACKING URL with your tracking tool.

You then do not advertise your original URL but your Tracking URL and the tracking program will monitor its performance and at any time you can view the results:

  1. How many time your site has been shown online (also called how many visits your site received);

  2. How many of these visits were UNIQUE visitors (some visits might be repeated from the same visitor/IP address and these visits are subtracted in this figure);

  3. When your site contains an opt in form to your auto responder: how many times this form was submitted;

  4. From which advertising sources the visits were coming from;

This tracking you can do both for websites and banners!

You see that this kind of information is extremely important to know which advertising works and which doesn't!

The tracking tool we use and highly recommend is Trck.me which gives you all the information we indicated above. Many other Tracking tools do not provide the information about the number of times a webform is submitted which we consider essential to know.

This is the same tracking tool we use to control our AD COOP members rotator where we include the referral URLs of all members who do not have their first 6 members in their Team.

They offer 2 member ship levels but the Marketers Plan is sufficient for your and our needs!


(Marketers Plan)

Trck.me used for the Plugin Homebiz Site Business Model