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Intro to Advertising Tips



In this section RESOURCES we will present you with several advertising tips, strategies and business tools which which help you to promote your Plugin Homebiz Site, GROW YOUR PHS TEAM as fast and large as possible and run your Homebiz EFFICIENTLY and EFFECTIVELY. More resources might be added when they become available so come back regularly to check.

Below we will give you a short overview of the most important issues to consider when running advertising campaigs.
More detailed information and tips/strategies of each issue you can find in the specific sub menus in the RESOURCES TO RUN YOUR HOMEBIZ section in the left hand column of the page.


Making money online is a NUMBERS GAME and the MORE people know what you are offering, the MORE people will consider it and be motivated to JOIN YOUR TEAM. If nobody knows what you offer, your Team will never grow!

Remember that each member you attract in your TEAM will FOLLOW THE SAME PHS STEPS as you are doing and will start building THEIR Team as well! And they and all their members and then their members will all become members in your team as well!

Once this process is in motion your Team can grow VERY FAST and this growth will be virtually unstoppable!

When advertising you can use different types of sources:

  1. Free Advertising. These won't cost you anything but you need to invest your TIME to use them.The more time you invest, the better your results.
  2. Paid-for Advertising. Using this will require you have an advertising budget with sufficient funds to purchase your advertising. You only invest time to set up these advertising sources and probably some time to maintain your advertising up-to-date.
  3. Pay-back or Cash-back advertising. These advertising sources require initial investments to get them started and in return you will receive a profit and advertising credits to use.

Each are explained in detail in the RESOURCES TO RUN YOUR HOMEBIZ section in the left-hand column of the page.


When promoting, the best strategy to use is NOT to simply promote splash pages which people will see and have to decide the same moment to join or not. If they decide not to join they will leave the splash page and are lost for you.

Much better is to use splash pages which invite your viewers to give you their contact data to be send more information about the program through predefined emails. It's a FACT that most people are not IMPULSIVE buyers and need to be exposed to a new offer several times before they decide to buy/join or not. Most experts consider that the majority need to be exposed about 7 times before deciding to buy or not. That's the function of the emails you will sent them at regular times. To remind them of the offer and to show them the multiple benefits of joining it.

To use this PROVEN strategy you will need an AUTO-RESPONDER to be able to collect the contact data (a form on your splash page where the viewer fills in his data) and which then automatically send him a series of emails over a given period of time. Most people use about 7 emails to be sent to the person every other day. The % of people who will reply positively is far higher than just promoting splash pages not linked to an auto responder!


It's a well known fact that not all advertising sources and programs are effective. Several perform very effective (they bring you lots of new members in your team) while others might be very ineffective. The remaining are in between.

Similarly, not all advertising MATERIALS are as effective on the different advertising sources.

So, the question is: Which advertising materials to use and where?

Unfortunately, there are no straight forward answers or a magical formula to aply. The only way to know is by tracking your advertising!

Tracking means that you use a specialized software (tracking tool) which measures all your advertising materials for all advertising resources where you promote them and "count" the number of times your ads are shown and how many people actually filled in the "optin-form" with their contact data.

When you check the stats the tracking tool offers, you can see which advertising materials and sources give you the best results.

This allows you to stop using the least effective materials and sources (why wasting your time and money?) and increase your promotion by only using the best performing materials on the best performing sources!

Doing this regularly you will see a dramatic increase of the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns over time!


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