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One excellent way to promote your homebiz is by using Paid Advertising Sources which will save you a lot of time.

However, this can become costly and NO ADVERTISING SOURCE will guarantee any kind of results. Advertising is just a numbers game.

But when you test your promotions and learn how to promote effectively, you will do good. Many of the Paid For Advertising, especially the serious and good ones, do their own tracking to always improve their campaigns and offer good quality to their advertisers. A good example of this is Daily Net Pay (DNP) which we mention below.

Extensive information about MONITORING YOUR ADVERTISING you can find in the section RESOURCES, Track Your Advertising (opens in new window). This is a must read when you plan to (partially) PAY for your advertising but is extremely usefull as well when you use FREE advertising to make sure the money and time you invest is well spend!

Basically paid advertising is paying OTHERS (mostly specialised advertising programs) to do your advertising and promoting for you.



In the SECTION FREE ADVERTISING we showed you that Traffic Exchanges (TE's) and emailers are a good way to promote your business for free if you are able and willing to surf a lot of sites/ open lots of emails each day to earn credits.

However, these programs also offer a lot of different UPGRADE options which allow you to obtain credits for a fixed, reasonable, price each month. If you have an advertising budget, these upgrades are an attractive way to promote.


Before deciding to invest your money in upgrading in the TE's and emailer programs we recommend to first use them a certain period as a free member and TRACK YOUR ADVERTISEMENT.

In this way you will know which TE / emailer programs give you the best results and then only upgrade in these ones!

Many TE's and emailer programs offer you great One Time Offer (OTO) when you register for them. Some even offer you a very attractive LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP at a very discounted cost!

When you decide to upgrade to one of these programs, consider becoming a member of them again using another email address than you used when you registered as a FREE member. In this way you will be presented the OTO's again and can benefit from them!



Freedom Dollar is an advertising program which allows you to use LOGIN ADS to promote your programs. Login ads are a very efficient and effective way to promote. Anyone who enters the Freedom Dollar program (its members and visitors) are first shown a Login Ad for a certain period of time before they can continue to the program itself. This is sufficient time to view the ad and see what it offers. Contrary to Traffic Exchanges, where most members visit sites to obtain credits, many try to go to the next site as soon as possible without paying too much attention to the site.

We added FREEDOM DOLLAR to the Paid Advertising section because to stay a member and continue to be elegible to show your Login Ads you have to pay $1 each month, which is extremely cheap fow what you get. You can add say $6 or $12 to your Freedom Dollar Wallet and then the program automatically uses this money for the monthly upgrades. Please note that you must login at least once a month to activate your monthly login ads advertising. See details in your member area how this works.

In addition it includes a Money Earning Matrix which can earn you up to $25,777 each and every month when you are bringing new members to the program! This we consider an additional benefit as the main objective to join Freedom Dollar should be the advertising option through Login Ads for just $1/month. If you are interested to join click the image below:


$1 monthly subscription fee

Join FREEDOM DOLLAR to get 3 login ads for your advertising campaigns and earn money


Freedom Dollar allows you to add 3 different LOGIN ADS which you can change whenever you want.