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The Use of Rotators to advertise your Plugin Homebiz Site

The image above explains how a ROTATOR works. If you have many sites you want to advertize in your campaigns you can set up a ROTATOR URL and then add the URLs of the sites you want to advertise and only use the ROTATOR URL.

The first time the rotator URL is shown online, it will show site 1. The next time the rotator will show site 2 and so on and on. In this way each site will be shown an equal number of times.

Some rotators also allow you to set the "relative importance" or "speed" of each site so some might be shown more or less times than the others.

There are 3 MAIN ADVANTAGES of using ROTATORS in your advertising campaigns, in all cases they are real time savers:

1)When you are testing several different sites or banners;

Using a rotator you can include several URLs (from different designs of (optin) splash or landing pages and/or banners) you want to test in one Rotator URL and your tracking results will tell you which one performs best! You can then delete the poor performing URL and replace it with another URL to test and so on.

2) When you are advertising on a large number of advertising sources:

Many people who use Traffic exchanges or Mailers in their campaigns normally are a member of a large number of them. Many have joined tens of different TE's and several even hundred(s) or more!

Over time they will want to make changes to advertise new sites, new programs or delete poor performing sites in their campaigns.

WITHOUT using a Rotator each time they want to change, add or delete a site, they must login to each and every one of these Sources and adjust the URLs they are promoting. This is a huge and time wasting task!

WITH a Rotator however, they only change the URLs in the rotator and all advertising sources will display automatically the newly set URL's!

3) When you want to help your team members promoting their referral URLs.

The PHS Ad Coop is a perfect example how one can use a Rotator to promote referral URLs from its members. Many successful and active Team leaders offer help to their members as an additional benefit to join their PHS Team. They use a Rotator to organize the referral URLs of their members and then promote the Rotator URL for them. When a member leaves or a new member is added, this can easily be done within the rotator by deleting and adding new URLs.

Which rotator to use?

There are many different Rotator Tools/Software available, many of them FREE or may even be provided for by the program you are promoting.

But when you decided to become a member of trck.me there is NO NEED to look for another ROTATOR as trck.me performs this task excellent and is 100% integrated with all your tracking needs! The same is true for LGT which also offers a Rotator tracker included!

Trck.me is explained in the Section Resources, "Track your Advertising" and LGT is explained in the Section Resourcs, "Auto responders".