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The Strategy Explained

The "Minimum Risk Investment Fund" strategy we are recommending to earn money with a very LOW RISK and MINIMUM INVESTMENT is based on the recommendations and experiences of Rick Mathews (from WTIA 3.0, see Action Step #3) based on his 50 years experience off- and on-line! We have condensed the Strategy into 3 BASIC POINTS:



YOU DEFINE how much money you have available to start your INVESTMENT FUND.
This is the amount of money with which you will start the strategy

Depending on how much money you have available this can range from $0.00 (Yes, $0.00!) to $500.00 or (much) more. Never put more money than you reasonably can afford to lose without jeopardizing your family's welfare to start your Investment Fund!


Never invest more than 5%-10% of your available Investment Fund in one particular program.

"Never put all your eggs in one basket" but diversify your portfolio!

When you defined the amount of your Investment Fund, it's time to use it and grow it by joining Income Earning programs.

Any investment always has risks that it won't produce the profit you are expecting or the program promises. Sometimes you might even lose everything you invested. Some programs have relatively little risks while others are so-called HYIP programs with very elevated risks.

To reduce your risks as much as possible you must do your own diligence and study the program before investing or look for professional expert advice. As the programs we recommend on this site are not ours we can't give you any guarantee as to their profitability or loss potential!

If you follow the rule of investing a maximum of 5% - 10% in a particular program and one (or some) investments do not make you a profit, the other investments most likely will compensate for this loss.


ALWAYS withdraw your profits whenever the minimum witdrawal limit allows!

In each program you Invest your money, you must always WITHDRAW your profits as soon as it reaches the minimum witdrawal limit set by the program. Do this until you have withdrawn the total amount of your Initital Investment (ROI=100%) and add it back to your Investment Fund.

From that moment on, all your further profits in the program are coming from "FREE" Money and does not imply anymore a possible risk for your Investment Fund!

If the program continues to turn out a nice profit you can decide to partially WITHDRAW your profit to your Investment Fund (to invest in other programs) (or to buy you a pizza!) and partially REINVEST the remaining back in the program. But always do this AFTER you have withdrawn 100% of your Initial Investment!

How much to withdraw and reinvest is your decision, but 50-50 seems a reasonable compromise.


As said, any investment program involves a certain amount of risk. The strategy is defined to reduce the risks of losing your money to a minimum. But we do not have cristal balls, do not own the programs and as such can not guarantee that the programs will continue to function. No matter how well and profitable the program may be running at the time.

Recently we have seen some programs (NTW-Gold and Success300) which were doing very well, members were happy and earning money which was really paid out. At that moment the programs introduced a new offer which basically included to invest a larger amount which would then be paid back with a very attractive interest in just a few days. Paying back both the invested amount and the interest earned. As the program was doing well, many members jumped on the occasion. Success300 for example offered to invest $100 for 3 days with a 6% profit, paying back after 3 days $106. Soon after this offer appeared, payments were slowing down, possibilities to contact admon/support were virtually stopped and a very short time thereafter, the program disappeared!

This seems to be the new strategy for SCAM programs to make a final huge profit from their members and then disappear. WE CALL THIS PHENOMENUM A RED FLAG!

Other well known RED FLAGS are sudden delays in paying out your profits, either it takes longer than normal or you don't receive any money at all.

Whenever you see these RED FLAGS appearing in your program, immediately take out all the money you can withdraw and do NOT participate in the spectacular offers!



To give you an idea about what is possible, the table below presents the results from the first 3 months after we from PHS set up a test Investment Fund with $100.00 and following the above Strategy:

After 3 months:

690.56 REINVESTMENTS (from profit)
-33.81 LOSSES (2 programs stopped)

$ 100 initial investment fund grew to $860.56 total investment fund + $418.79 net withdrawals.
>>ROI =1,313.16%

$100 initial investment out-of-pocket produced a total of $418,79 net withdrawals to my private account.
>>ROI =418.79%

Remember, this is only an example! You can do the same, better or worse, there are no guarantees!



When you have no, or only very little, money available to start your Investment Fund you can start with FREE TO JOIN programs, FAUCET programs and programs which offer you a free BONUS to get started to make a profit and add it to your Fund.
Join as many of these programs as you can manage!

FREE to JOIN programs:

These are programs for which you do not have to pay a single penny to start earning money. We distinguish between 2 types of them:

1) Free coins or Faucet programs

These are programs which allow its members to regularly earn free coins by performing some easy actions: play a game, view an ad and others.

Many of these also allows for crypto coin mining, viewing videos or participating in Questionairs.

Beside the free coins component, they might also offer some paid-for options.

In general the money earned is little and it will take time to reach the minimum withdrawal amount. But there are hundreds of these programs online and if you join enough of them, the profit combined of all of them will be attractive.

Examples of this category are Nanobit, Freebitcoin and others.

2) Currently in prelaunch program and other "Reveive a Bonus to Join" programs.

These are programs who, in prelaunch, offer good benefits to its members by joining for free. Their goal is to either test the program and/or grow its member base before launching.

These programs might turn out to be really good income earning programs like Hashing Ad Space (now launched) where many prelaunch members earned several hundreds or more than thousand dollars in profit when the program launched and still continue to earn well.

Other programs might even offer you a Bonus when you join. For example Elitefinfx gives a free $20 bonus for registering and TheAdvertisingToken gives free 100 ATV just for joining!
(check their sites if they are still offering this!).

As said, these FREE TO JOIN programs are essential for those members who can not afford to put money in their Investment Fund out-of-pocket or just a very small amount. Basically it is the ONLY WAY for them to start funding their Investment Fund with the FREE money they can earn in these programs. When their Fund grows, they can invest more!

But.... even when you can afford more money in your Investment Fund, these FREE programs offer a welcome extra opportunity to grow your Fund without spending any money out-of-profit or -pocket! Especially those free programs which do NOT require a daily action to earn ("set-and-forget", passive earning programs)! Who cares it might be only a little amount of money daily you can earn when you don't have to do anything for it exept than setting it up and occasionally login to make a withdrawal request?

When you join as much as possible of these FREE programs and you promote your PHS personalized website actively, your team members might join these programs as well using your referral URL and your income will grow faster throught the referral commissions you'll earn!


These are programs where you have to make an initial investment to earn money. On this site we have organized these programs in 3 groups or categories depending on the amount of the minimum investment:

1) LOW COST programs ($10 or less),
2) MEDIUM COST programs ($10+ till $50)
3) HIGH COST programs (more than $50).

Remember the RULE that you'll NEVER invest more than 5%-10% of your total Investment Fund in one single program!

Now you know what our Strategy is all about and how it Works you have successfully completed the introduction of STEP 4 and it's time to go Joining programs, starting with the FREE TO JOIN progams!

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