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Free to join - faucets
Less than $10
MEDIUM: $10 - $50
HIGH: $50 +


Highly recommended to join by PHS!



AImatchmachines $ 5.00

  Cryptopros $ 2.00

Join AImatchmachines here

Highly recommended to join by PHS!NEW PROGRAM!

Join Cryptopros here with your upline sponsor

This program is brand new, costs only $5 and has a huge potential profit! The $5 allows you to activate your TIER 1 position and if you have 4 referrals you'll receive $20 which automatically is used to enter you in the TIER 2. When you cycle in TIER 2 till TIER5 again you will be automatically entered in the next TIER but also will receive a profit you can CASH OUT!

Cashouts are: Tier 2> $20, TIER 3>$200, TIER 4> $1,200 and TIER 5>$40,000.

Each time you cycle TIER 5 you will receive a RE-ENTRY in Tier 5 to profit over and over.

When you refer more than 4 members, they will spillover to your referrals so they will cycle faster which benefits you as well. Also in TIER 5 you will receive a MATCHING BONUS of $625 for each personal referral when they also cycle TIER5!

The program has the option to PIFF your downline members the $5 for TIER1. This makes an excellent strategy to invite 4 friends/ associates to register for FREE and then you PIF them the $5! With 4 members you'll cycle TIER 1 and are automatically placed in TIER 2!

In our opinion, joining this program is well worth the risk for only $5 bucks.

Cryptopros is a new Global Advertising product with a potentially lucrative forced matrix included.
You can start for as little as $2 by purchasing 1 Adpack.
Each $2 matrix position can potentially pay out more than 90K and provides you with 2 weeks of unlimited views of 1 banner ad and 1 text ad.

If you promote the program your referral commissions can pay for your new adpacks and, dependent how successful you are promoting, create earnings you can withdraw.

If you want to know more about their compensation plan you can download their PDF HERE.



Plugin Homebiz Advertising $10.00

  Revenue From Advertising $3.50

Plugin Homebiz Advertising Cash Back Advertising program

Highly recommended to join by PHS!

Join RFA here

Highly recommended to join by PHS!

The Plugin Homebiz Advertising program is our own I
IN-HOUSE Cashback advertising site!

It is a multiple 2X2 Matrix program where you start at level 1 for $10 and can refer 2 downline members who will pay you $10 each. These 2 members will also bring in 2 new members who will be in your level 2.

OUT-OF-PROFIT you then purchase the next Matrix #2 for $20 and so till you complete the Gold Matrix ($640).

For each purchase of a Matrix you will receive Banner and Text ads credits you can use to promote your programs. The higher the Matrix you'll buy, the more credits you'll get.

When you completed all the matrixes you will have earned well over $45,000 plus all the advertising credits you received to promote your programs!


When you plan to join the DNP-PTS program or are already a member of it and plan to purchase DNP Adpack #2, then don't join RFA here as you will receive a free membership and Matrix Level 1 entry for free!

RFA functions the same way as our own PHA program (see left!). You'll start with a once payment of $10 to purchase Mini Adpack #1. When you fill this matrix with members you then upgrade out-of-profit to the next matrix level and so on. Each matrix level gives you an increasing number of banner and text ad advertising credits you can use to promote your programs (we recommend to promote your PHS referral URL!).



MyPassiveTrades $5.00

  Centsforfreedom $ 2.00

Join MyPassiveTrades here


Join centsforfreedom here

Highly recommended to join by PHS!

Earn Passively everyday up to 1.25% daily. You can earn money in 2 areas: Effective on site advertising where we provide high quality advertising throughout the site in various forms. The 2nd area is the Trading school which teaches you to trade like a pro. Everything you need to know from beginning to the end and even mindset training too. Upgrade to VIP for direct support with our master trader. You get stuck- he’s they’re to help.

You can either invest in these programs and earn commissions if your downline members invest in them.

Most likely our members are most interested in the Advertising area where you can buy $5.00 adpacks which expires at 125% and you don't need to surf to earn from them, it's totally passive.

Cents for Freedom is an easy, cheap and "set-it-and-forget-it" program which can make you a lot of money easily and make you a profit.

It consists of 30 levels of 1x4 matrices which fill easily, pays yo cash and an upgrade to the next level included. These are all Company Forced matrices!

The first level starts with a cost of $ 0.10 and pays out $ 0.15 and includes a position in the next level 2 matrix which costs $0.20. This goes on to matrix level 30 and each next level doubles the costs and cash out from the previous level. In this way, level 30 costs $53,687,091.20 and pays out $ 171,260,262.40

To keep the matrices active and running, to start one purchases a SUB for just 2,00. This will give you a new position at level 1 during the next 20 days. Also from Level 6 onwards, new positions will be created to keep the matrix continue to grow. These System Re-entries are only to push the matrix, they will not cycle to earn anything.See all details on the site. It's optional to purchase a new Sub when the previous one expired for $2, but we recommend to do so.

It pays to refer some new people in the program. The recomendation is to get at least 2.



Join Nanobit here Join Streamreward here

Nanobit is a so called crypto cycler program.

This system is a company forced cycler with three levels, First level needs three positions for an upgrade. Second level needs six positions for an upgrade. Third level needs nine positions for an upgrade. Upgrading is fully automatic and you can easily turn your $1 into $100 with a $10 sponsor commission and re-entries.

The sooner you get in, the faster you will cycle.

Streamreward is a new program whose goal is to have 500,000+ active partners by the end of 2019. The program offers different packages each like a Matrix scheme.

When you buy the $5 Package the system activates for you the first level and puts you in the structure of the person who invited you.Then, the system automatically puts two partners under you.(by spillover from the superior sponsors or your invitees), and you receive $2.5 from each one -$5 total.With this money, the system automatically buys level 2 for you from your sponsor with the 2nd level. And so on.

Contrary to most other programs mentioned you only will earn money when new members join your downline (either referred by yourself or from spillover).

For more information you can download the INFO document provided by Streamreward by clicking HERE

10xBITCOIN $ 5,00

  Cryptogetround $ 7.00
Join 10xbitcoin here Join Cryptogetround here

Invest $5 to get started. This will bring you to the Bronze level where you will receive 3 Bronze Powerstart Bonuses worth each $1.50. Then you just refer your 1st paid member ($0.75) and you are in profit. You then go to the Silver level for $20 and receive 3 bonuses of $6 each. Refer your 1st paid member and you are in profit again. Repeat the same for the next 5 levels.

Remember that in each level you will continue to earn from your downline members through the expandible 2x15 Matrix which, for example at the Bronze level may earn you up to $14,000.

In addition you will also receive valuable Advertising credits where you can promote your PHS site.

If you are able to build a growing PHS Team, this income can add up fast if your team members join this program as well!

This program has had a pretty slow start but recent news indicate the owners will strengthen it very soon. Just evaluate the site, do your own diligence and make your own decision to join or not. We consider that the program has some real potential.

Easy program to receive multiple payments of $2 and $3 receiving payments from either your referrals or from random new members in the program. Each $7 payment from new members is divided into $3 to the sponsor, $2 to a random member and $1,50 to a member who has not earned yet in the program! Once you are in profit (or earlier if you want) you can also participate in the different Matrixes the program offers to increase your earnings.

Although the program is based on Bitcoin, it is possible to get paid with Solid Trust Pay (STP!).