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Welcome to The Plugin Homebiz Site

This website is owned by the Newbies 2 Profit Club which since 2007 is dedicated to help people to set up their online homebusiness.

The experiences we gained operating the Newbies 2 Profit Club we have organized in a business model which can be used by anyone with very limited knowledge of, and experience with, Online or Internet Marketing.

The business model for the Plugin Homebiz Site was designed with the following objectives in mind:

  1. It must be replicable for anyone, independent of the experience and knowledge of the member;

  2. Members must be able to get started for FREE!

  3. It must be as easy as just FOLLOWING THE STEPS

  4. It must virtually guarantee that members will earn income (if they follow the steps)

  5. It must prevent the mistakes 95% of online marketers make when trying to earn money online

  6. It must provide some kind of Advertising Coop which will help people to start building there Team

Our business model effectively has eliminated the trial-and-error fase all new home business owners go through and which is one of the main factors why over 95% of them fail.

The programs and tools to run your business efficiently and effectively we recommend in the model are selected for their EASE OF USE, EXCELLENT SUPPORT, MULTI USES and are among the most cost-effective and competitive tools available online.

The details of the BUSINESS MODEL "The New Way To Fortune" are explained in the section Follow the Steps

The replication script which powers the Plugin Homebiz Site will automatically and instantly replace the referral URLs on YOUR site with YOUR referral URLs when you update the programs you have joined in your members area (don't forget to save the changes/updates you made)!

In this way, when you promote your replicated PHS website automatically you are promoting ALL THE PROGRAMS and TOOLS you joined as well.

When a new member joins in YOUR Team, his replicated website will show the referral URLs of ALL THE PROGRAMS YOU HAVE JOINED and only when he/she decides to join a program as well, he will do so in YOUR downline. When the new member then updates his members back office with his referral URL, your referral URL will automatically be replaced by your members URL on his site. .

PLEASE NOTE that if you do not UPDATE your referral URL in your members back office, the referral URL of your first up line sponsor who is a member of that program will be shown on your replicated website! This is true for all programs that you have not yet joined and updated your referral ID.

This process of "replicating referral URLs" is very transparent and fair to all members! In most programs like our, when a direct upline is not yet a member of a program, the replicated site will show the ADMIN'S referral URL! On our site however, it will always show the referral URL of the FIRST UPLINE SPONSOR who is a member of that program and not the ADMIN's URL! If none of the up line sponsors is a member, only then it will show the "Admin" referral URL.


and making YOU successful online!

Therefore, when you are already a member of one of the programs included in our STEPS TO FOLLOW there is no obligation at all to join that program again with the referral URL of your PHS Up line referral or Team leader!

You just UPDATE your existing Referral URLs
in your PHS Members Area !

However, in all other cases we expect you to

After all,
the same you expect from your down lines as well, right!

It is very important to take your time to read through all the sections of your Plugin Homebiz Site and follow the steps recommended! If you do this, it is virtually impossible NOT to become successful

Welcome to our site and we are looking forward to work with you
for many years to come in our mutual benefit!

Best regards,

Wim van der Donk
Founder/Ceo Plugin Homebiz Site
Banco Procredit, 8 cuadras Oeste,
Nueva Segovia,
Email: admin@pluginhomebizsite.com
Skype: newbies2profitclub