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The Plugin HomeBiz Advertising coop helps all members get their first 6 team members

Our revolutionary advertising coop is what makes the Plugin Homebiz Site "stand out in the crowd" as compared to almost all other Home Business Start up / Plugin programs.

Recognizing the fact that 95% of people trying to earn money online FAIL and that the main reason is that they do not know HOW TO ADVERTISE their business, we have designed our Advertising Coop to avoid this.

Our Ad Coop will help each new member who joins the Plugin Homebiz Site to get their first 6 members in their Team.

With 6 members you have created a solid base to continue expanding your home business and Team. Also with 6 members you have made your first PROFITS if everyone FOLLOWS THE STEPS of our business model.

When people are making profts and SEE that our system works, they will become more active and far less likely to "drop" the program and go looking for some other "heaven on earth promising" program. Can you imagine a person to "quit" a program which is making him money?

We highly recommend all members to join and activate their Ad Coop participation by purchasing at least a position in the Main Matrix level 1. To activate your Ad Coop you must join our sister site Plugin Homebiz Advertising and purchase your first postion!

As joining the Plugin Homebiz Site has no cost at all, asking members to invest once only $10 to receive our help to grow their team till they have 6 members is not unfair and still ridicuously cheap!


As an added strategy to CAPITALIZE our ADCOOP fund to purchase MORE ADVERTISING, some of the funds we used to join some PAYBACK advertising programs. We are creating special accounts for the PHS ADCOOP with some of the best performing MATRIX programs online! This will not only provide us with more advertising space for the ADCOOP (mostly banners and text ads) but also will generate a NET PROFIT which will be reinvested in the ADCOOP!

We are convinced that this new strategy will dinamize our ADCOOP allowing us to purchase more advertising credits which finally will help ALL MEMBERS to get their first 6 members in their TEAM sooner!

If you are planning to join these programs as well, why not do so using the PHS ADCOOP referral URL! This will generate more profits to the PHS ADCOOP and basically you are helping yourself, your PHS Team and all PHS members to become more successful! If you are already a member of a program, consider opening a second account with the PHS ADCOOP referral URL!



interesting matrix
https://www.interestingmatrix.com/?phsadcoop (opens in new window)





For our IN-HOUSE Ad Coop we designed and launched our "PLUGIN HOMEBIZ ADVERTISING" which consists of the following money and advertising earning Matrixes:

The MAIN MATRIX, a 2X2 Matrix:

Each Plugin Homebiz Site (PHS) member must purchase a spot in the MAIN MATRIX. For the $10 purchase you will receive the spot marked with "YOU" in the image below.

The Main Matrix helping Plugin Homebiz Site members grow their team and earn income

The Ad Coop will start promoting your PLUGIN HOMEBIZ SITE referral URL and new members will join you in your Team. They then FOLLOW THE STEPS and join under you in the PLUGIN HOMEBIZ ADVERTISING Main Matrix! Just like you did.

Your first 2 new members will go into your Level 1 and then the next 4 will be placed on your level 2. These members might come from your downline you are creating in the Plugin Homebiz Site or from Spill Over from your up uplines in the Plugin Homebiz Advertising!

When you received SPILL OVER this means that you do not necessarily also have 6 members in your Plugin Homebiz Site Team! However, the Ad Coop will continue to advertise for you untill you have 6 members in YOUR PLUGIN HOMEBIZ SITE TEAM!


You are recommended to purchase your level 2 position directly AFTER you purchased your level 1 position!

This avoids that you will be missing out on payments for level 2 when you receive SPILL OVER or when members in your team purchase level 2 before you did!

You are only eligible to receive payments for a level if you have purchased that level as well!

At that point the Ad Coop will stop advertising for you and continue to concentrate on helping the other members who do not have their 6 Team members yet. This will continue forever.

This is how the MAIN Matrix works and pays:

  1. You purchase position level 1 for $10 (which activates your Ad Coop)

  2. For each member in your level 1 you will receive $10 each > With 2 members this equals to $20

  3. You then use this $20 to purchase your Main Matrix level 2 for $20

  4. For each member in your level 2 you will receive $20 each > With 4 members this equals to $80

From this Main Matrix only you will earn a NET PROFIT of $70. Plus .... you got all the advertising to help you grow your Team with 6 members!

This can happen VERY QUICK, especially when you do not rely exclusively on the AD COOP to bring in new members but will actively promote your Plugin Homebiz Site referral URL yourself as well. Some members might do this in just a few days and others might take a few weeks for this to happen.

From this moment onwards, you can only rely on your own advertising campaigns to grow your Team.

That is why we made sure that you can continue to grow
your Team and Profits and added 3 more MATRIXES
to our System which are the

These Matrixes will earn you the MONEY you will need for your advertising budget!

The BRONZE Matrix is exactly the same as the MAIN Matrix you just cycled and will earn you another NET PROFIT of $70.

The SILVER Matrix is a 3x3 MATRIX which earns you a NET PROFIT of $1,790

The GOLD Matrix is a 4x4 Matrix earning you a NET PROFIT of $45,910.

BUT .....

you will only earn this when you continue to advertise your Plugin Homebiz Advertising referral URL.

We highly recommend to use 100% of your NET PROFITS
and invest it by purchasing advertising!

When was the last time you invested $ 4,360 in advertising your home business? Don't you think this would help you grow your income?

When you reached STEP 4 TO FOLLOW you and your
Team will start joining several MONEY EARNING
programs. The profits you earn from these programs you can take out for your personal use!

But, even at this stage you are highly recommended to ALWAYS invest part of your profits in advertising! The only way to continue growing your Team and Income! We recommend to reinvest in advertising at least 50% of your profits. Only when your Income reaches a level you are satisfied with you can gradually reduce the percentage to reinvest and take out more for your personal use!

For more details about this please refer to the section STEPS TO FOLLOW, Step 3.



It will be clear that helping all members of the Plugin Homebiz Site getting their first 6 members is a daunting task which requires lots of advertising, cooperation and activism de los miembros tambien!

To obtain sufficient funds for the advertising coop we set up the Plugin Homebiz Advertising and we decided that all money which will be generated through the PLUGIN HOMEBIZ ADVERTISING from the ADMIN account will be used to purchase advertising for our members. Only a small part of it will be used to cover the costs involved to maintain the site online, maintenance and eventually the purchase of more software/ programs to improve our services!

Because the PHA matrixes are personally forced matrixes, most payments of the new PHS members will not go to ADMIN but to the sponsor (as it should be because this will create the members advertising budgets!).

To create sufficient funds for the Ad Coop we will include in the Ad Coop Rotator also the referral URL of the PHA-Admin account. New members who join directly PHA in this way we will approach to invite them to join the Plugin Homebiz Site as well. For this we will use the referral URLs of those members who do not have their 6 members yet! Although they will NOT join PHA (again) with your referral URL they probably will join all the other programs in your downline if they Follow The Steps.

Advertising Coop Guarantee for the Plugin Homebiz Coop

No money will be taken from the Plugin Homebiz Advertising Admin account for personal use of the owners and/or staff.

Every pennie will be used to help our members!

My income as the owner will only come from my participation in the PHS having my own personal account, just like any other member!

Recently we decided to use a part of these profits to combine PURCHASING ADVERTISING CREDITS with CREATING MORE MONEY for the ADCOOP!