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Tips to Best Advertise Your Plugin Homebiz Site

As we mentioned several times on this site: ADVERTISING IS A MUST TO BE SUCCESSFUL!

If you don't advertise your home business, I am sorry, but you will not succeed and earn a lot of money! Not with the Plugin Homebiz Site but not with ANY other program you decide to join!

Although we provide an excellent ADVERTISING COOP to help you become successful building your team, this is only a HELP to get your first 6 Team members! You must supplement the advertising coop campaigns with your OWN advertising campaigns if you are serious about making money.

Fortunately, our Plugin Homebiz Site is designed in such a way that you only have to promote ONE program, your PHS Referral URL! No need to dilute your advertising budget by promoting each and every program you join! You use the Plugin Homebiz Site to BUILD YOUR TEAM and then your Team Members will follow the same Plugin Homebiz Site Business Model as explained on this site and follow you in all the steps using your referral URLs!

Each new member which enters your Plugin Homebiz Site TEAM will be given their own REPLICATED PLUGIN HOMEBIZ website (like this one) which includes YOUR referral URL for all the programs you have joined first!

Several of the programs included in our Business Model (F5M-MC, DNP, RFA, TNT and others) provide for excellent information HOW BEST TO PROMOTE them! No need to repeat that here! You are highly recommended to study that information on their sites when you join these programs and follow the suggestions!

Below we present FOUR TIPS which can help you decide HOW BEST to set up your advertising campaigns. They are mainly focussed on 2 types of advertising which are popular online for a long time already but still are among the most efficient ways to promote your business: Email advertising and Traffic exchanges. This is not to say that other and more recent methods are less effective but these are still among the most used strategies. They are a very good way to get started, especially if you are rather new in advertising online!

The first one is called "The Triple A Plan" from Conversion Surf which is an ideal combination of learning how to set up and run your advertising campaigns while at the same time offering a highly responsive advertising source.

The second one "Referral Frenzy" is very useful when you plan to use "Mailers" as an important tool in your advertising campaigns. Referral Frenzy is a program you should consider to join as it will prove to be a HUGE TIME SAVER to keep track of your mailer programs, receive loads of email bonus credits every month and enables you to send your emails to many Mailers with just a few clicks.

The third tip is for a program called "TRUCKLOADS OF ADS" which gives you a lot of FREE CREDIT CODES which are only applicable for the participating programs included in the program.

Tip #4 has everything to do with using LOGIN ADS in your advertising campaigns. Login Ads are very efficient and effective to promote your business but in many cases they are not exactly "cheap" to obtain. This tip presents the program "FREEDOM DOLLAR" to use 3 different login ads for a monthly cost of just $1!

See below for a more detailed explanation of both tips and the links to check out the sites for a complete overview.



(Watch out for the lifetime pofessional upgrade OTO's)

Conversion Surf a great tool to promote Plugin Homebiz Site

Our Plugin Homebiz Site core advertising strategy is for a large part based on the
TripleA Plan as offered through the Traffic Exchange ConversionSurf.

This is a very comprehensive and useful plan and, when followed as taught,
has an extremely high success rate.

The TripleA Plan will teach you exactly and in easy to follow steps:

  • Where to advertise
  • When to advertise
  • How to properly use Traffic Exchanges and Mailers
  • How to write proper sales copy for advertisements
  • How to earn while also advertising your core business

In addition, the Triple A Plan eBook, when rebranded with your referral URLs, is a great tool to build an attractive downline in these traffic sources.

We recommend joining ConversionSurf and Upgrading so that you can Re-brand
your own copy of the TripleA eBook (you will understand this once going to the site).

Off course, joining and upgrading are optional!



$15.00 Monthly
Or Grab the Yearly Offer $97.00

That is only $8.08 a month For Huge Marketing Power for an entire YEAR!

Referral Frenzy to advertise your Plugin Homebiz Site

Referral Frenzy is highly recommended to join when you plan to
EMAIL / SOLO ADS in your advertising campaigns.

Referral Frenzy includes a large list of mailers you can easily join from one central place.

It also allows you to set up your email ad and schedule it for sending to all the emailers you joined or only to a group of selected mailers! If you are using several mailer programs you know how much time this will safe you!

Most of the safelists give a special monthly bonus of free credits. Referral Frenzy keeps records of these bonuses, adds them automatically to your mailer accounts and keeps records on your login data, last email sent and date you are allowed to send an email again. A great and time saving tool.

Right now these promos add up to 16,000 Manual Surf Credits Monthly 90,000 Mailing Credits Monthly 120,000 Banners and Text ads EACH and EVERY Month!

We highly recommend you take a look yourself to see if this program would be helpful for you!

Before joining any mailer program first create 2 new gmail accounts, one to use as your contact address and the second to receive the solo ads these mailers willl sent you! This presents that your regular email inbox will be flooded with emails!

Don't try to join all mailers at once. Make it a habit to start joining, say 5, new mailers each month in Referral Frenzy to add to your advertising power.



$10 once only for lifetime access

Truckloadsofads recommended by PHS

Truckloads of ads is a website which teamed of with a large number of Top Traffic Advertising sources which all give out promo codes.

These exclusive promo codes are only made available to members of Truck Load of Ads and you will not find them anywhere else.

You can receive thousands of hits, banner ads and more, generating a Truck Load of quality, targeted website traffic to your offer and it won't cost you a fortune!

At present you can claim promo codes for 121,527 website hits, 335,500 mailer ads, 677,230 banners and 969,300 Text Ads. Regularly more codes are added. You will receive an email when a new Code is added.

A selection of Traffic Sources included are:

Traffic Sources included in Advertising for the Plugin Homebiz Site



$1 monthly subscription fee

Join FREEDOM DOLLAR to get 3 login ads for your advertising campaigns and earn money


Freedom Dollar allows you to add 3 different LOGIN ADS which you can change whenever you want.
In addition it includes a Money Earning Matrix which can earn you up to $25,777 each and every month!