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frequently asked questions

In this section we include the answers to the most frequent questions we receive from our members.


Before contacting your upline sponsor or our support
department with your questions, please first go through the whole website (including this FAQ section!) to see if your answer is not already there!

We hope you will understand that we can not answer questions which can easily be found on the website or in this section!

Q I want to UPDATE my REFERRAL URLs in my MEMBERS AREA but I am not sure what to do with the referral URLs for those programs I am NOT a member of?

A This is a good and important question! Let's explain briefly what the referral URLs are and how the replication process works. If you are a member of one of the progams included in the PHS site, for sure you want your referrals who decide to join this program as well do so using YOUR referral URL. In this way you will benefit from their membership and receive commissions. That's why you MUST update your referral for the programs you are a member in your Members Area. In this way, when you sent your replicated website to other people to invite them to join as well they will do with your PHS referral URL and become a member of your TEAM! When they like a program and decide to join that as well, they will see YOUR referral URL on your site and join in your downline for that program if you are a member of that program!

If you are not a member of that program and not updated your referral URL for it, the replication script will look at your upline sponsors for the first upline who is a member of this program and then uses his/her referral URL to display.

Most replicated sites will automatically replace the referral URL for a program you are NOT a member of with the ADMIN referral URL! We consider this NOT FAIR! That's why we look for the FIRST up line sponsor who is a member of it. Only in the case that NONE of your upline sponsors is a member, it will use the ADMIN URL!

That's why it is important that when updating your referral URLs in your Members Area you will will have to leave the referral ID field BLANK for those programs you are NOT a member of! Just don't do anything with the referral URLs you are not a member of!

Some members make the mistake to place their referral ID (many use the same username for most programs they join) in all the referral URL fields or mark those fields they are NOT a member of with N/A or otherwise.


1) If your referral username/link does not exist in the program, it will produce an ERROR MESSAGE that the link can not be found! Most of the visitors to your replicated website will not like this and may doubt the seriousness of the PHS site and/or in you as their Team leader and decide to leave PHS!

2) When YOU have Team members who might NOT join all the programs you have joined, their website will show YOUR referral URL as you are the first upline sponsor who has joined this program! If your member would have changed the referral URL for that program in his Members Area it would NOT show your referral URL but the ERROR MESSAGE site not find!

Some members erroneously think "Why should I promote the referral URLs for my upline sponsors?". Well, that's the essence of being part of a TEAM!
And think about it: why would you produce a (negative) ERROR MESSAGE for a program you have not joined (yet?) and NOT sent your member to the link of your upline sponsor! In any way, you never will receive any commission or benefit from that program if you are not a member!

And remember, all of your Team Members will show YOUR referral URL as well if they decide not to join a program you are a member of! THIS WORKS TWO WAYS >> up line and down line!

Q I am an active promotor of my PHS referral URL and receive regularly a new member in my Team. but few actually become active! What am I doing wrong?

A Unfortunately, with Internet Marketing it's a fact that many people sign up for almost every site they see when surfing the net. Especially if it's FREE to join. Except from trying to establish contact with them, either by sending and email to new prospects (example email you'll find on your site in the Promotional Center >> Example Emails) or calling them (if they left their number) there is not much more that you can do. You'll have to accept this fact and don't get frustated or let it affect your confidence!

In this context I want to share with you a great video which has helped me a lot to focus on what's important in Internet Marketing! At one point they talk about "the motivated sower" who has excellent seeds to sow but only a part of them will finally produce a profit! Listen to the video and you'll know why I am sending you this video link!
Watch the video here:

Q I received several angry emails from some of my downline members who told me that the Plugin Homebiz Site was "RUBBISH" because several of the links on my replicated website are not working and/or giving error messages. What happened?

A When we checked his "Members Area" we saw that the member did join several programs and updated the corresponding referral URLs correctly and these links are working well.

However, for the programs this member did NOT join, he changed all the referral URLs with his Plugin Homebiz Site member's IDCODE! This caused that all the corresponding join links on his website did NOT function properly!


Q How much does it cost to join the Plugin Homebiz Site?

A Joining the Plugin Homebiz Site is FREE. No registration fee and no periodic fees either! You are however obliged to also join the Plugin Homebiz Advertising and purchase the first position in the Main Matrix for a once only $10. This position will activate your Advertising Coop and allows you to start earning Money with this Matrix and the 3 other matrixes we offer to create your advertising budget.

Q Do I receive commissions when I refer a new member?

A No, the Plugin Homebiz Site is not a MLM program and we do not pay commissions when you bring in a new member. Your benefit benefit from rbingin in a new member is that this member will be a member in your TEAM! When You and Your Team members FOLLOW THE STEPS, your team members will FOLLOW YOU in all the other programs included in the STEPS and this will create your profits!

Q Do I have to join ALL the programs included in the Plugin Homebiz Site?

A Certainly not! You only join the programs you decide and can afford to join! Later on you can always join more programs out-of-profit from the STEPS TO FOLLOW. However, when you do not join a program, new members you refer might decide to do so and will join with the link of your first upline sponsor who did join that program!

As soon as you joined a new program and updated your referral URL, from that moment on all your new downline members will join with that link if they decide to join as well. Anyone in your downline who joined before you, will stay with your upline sponsor who provided the link with which they joined.

Q If I am already a member of a certain program, do I have to join that program again with the link of my upline sponsor?

A NO, if you are already a member of a certain program you just include your existing referral URL for that program in your Members Area.

Q If I join a program included on the site, can I be sure that my downline members will join under me?

A YES and NO. 2 situations can occur:

1) If your downline member is already a member of that program he can just update his members area and include his existing referral URL. In this case this member will NOT be in your downline for that program.

2) Your downline members (like you!) are FREE to decide which programs they will join or not. If he decides NOT to join he will NOT be in your downline for that program. But this is very unlikely especially for the programs included in the STEPS TO FOLLOW as they are designed that you can always upgrade to the next STEP OUT-OF-PROFIT from the previous step!

Q I joined a new program, updated my Referral URL in my Members Area but the URL does not show in my replicated website.

A Two things can cause this:

1) Make sure that you scrolled down to the buttom of the page in your members area and clicked the UPDATE DATABASE button! If not, your updated referral URL has not been saved.

2) If your PHS website was already open you must refresh the page in your web browser so that it will show the latest/updated version of your referral URLs. If none of these caused the problem, please send a support ticket!

Q I see in my members area two REFURLs where I can update my STP and Payza. Are these the URLs to make payments to my account?

A NO! These 2 REFURLs redirect to the affiliate programs of STP and Payza. You can update here your referral code from STP / Payza. If one of your downlines click on this link they wll be redirected for a site where they can open a new STP/Payza account which will be linked to your referral URL so you are eligible to receive commissions!