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2019 April, 9th

PHS NEWSLETTER April 9th, 2019


2019, April 9th

As we announced some time ago, PHS has been working hard to make
our PHS website better, more efficient and more profitable.

To  do so, we mentioned several changes to be made:

Focus our Website on ACTIVE members only.

Being a free website, too many members are joining and then don't do
anything with it! As a result we proposed to stop making the PHS site
"free to join" for new members. We sent an email with several options
and the feedback from our members was that they agreed with the
proposed plans.

Cost to join PHS as from today:

Finally we have decided that joining the PHS website (and receive your
personalized website, members area and promotion tools) requires a once-only
payment of $25.00 for lifetime membership.

BONUS to join PHS:

This $25 payment INCLUDES a FREE entry into the DNP-PTS program
with Adpack #1 (1 free PTS share valued at $20). New members get
48 hours to realize the payment. If not, their registry will be deleted from
our Members Database.

The main reasons to choose this bonus are:

  • Right from the start with the Newbies2ProfitClub (which later
    developed in the PHS) we have been closely related to the then
    F5M-MC (later DNP) program and used our site as a kind of
    low-cost feeder program to these with an emphasis on helping
    new homebiz owners to set up their homebusiness. For this we
    included detailed information about business tools (auto-
    responders, tracking tools etc.) and clearly explained promotion
    and advertising strategies, tools and materials.

  • With the DNP-PTS trade share, new members start earning
    immediately after joining PHS.

  • The referring member of the new PHS member benefit from
    the commission the DNP-PTS upline member earns from the
    purchase of this PTS.

  • DNP also offers Adpack #2 which is a great opportunity for
    those members who do not have the time, knowledge or interest
    to promote themselves their home business.

If a new member with PHS is already a member of DNP-PTS, we will
pay for them an additional PTS share in their existing account.

New Focus on Passive Earning and a Low Cost/Low Risk Investment

As we also have been closely related with WTIA in the past years  we took
the opportunity to actualize our PHS website with the main elements WTIA
is promoting to earn "free coins" to  create and grow their (mostly passive)
Investment Fund with very little risks and low cost

The strategy we explain on the PHS site and the programs we recommend
are based strongly on WTIA's recommendations and tips and our own PHS

The additional benefit to include this strategy and programs on the PHS site is
that we have included the personalized referral URL's for these programs
which members can update  in their PHS members area. By promoting their
PHS referral URL members automatically are promoting all the programs
they joined as well!

Off course  it is to be expected that the PHS site will require more frequent
updates as new opportunities pop up and existing opportunities cease to be
profitable or just disappear! We will try to do this continuously and always
will inform all members of any changes made!


Spanish version of PHS:

During the next month or 2 we will create a Spanish version of the PHS
website as we consider that there is a huge market and potential demand for
this for Spanish speaking people wanting/ needing to earn an extra income.

Removing INACTIVE members:

We will analyze and clean up our PHS database removing as much as possible
the INACTIVE members registered. Inactive members are considered those
members who did not update a single referral URL in their members area.
Members who joined the PHS-ADCOOP will never be deleted!


We urge ALL PHS members to review and analyze the new PHS website
and always read the updates and emails we will send.

It's our goal to always communicate to our members all aspects involving
our PHS website.

It's our members Responsibility to keep themselves informed and take
the necessary actions to make the most of their PHS site.

You must login to your MEMBERS AREA and verify that your referral
URLs are correct for all the programs you are a member of.
In this list of referral URL's there are several "empty lines" which are
"old" referrals from programs we eliminated and/or who are not working
anymore. Don't worry about this, they will not interfere with the working
of your replicated PHS website.

We hope that you are satisfied with the changes we applied and if you have
questions and/or suggestions, please do not hesitate to share them with us!

Best regards,

Wim van der Donk