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Social media

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There are many social media available which you can use to promote your Plugin Homebiz Site. The most popular are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and many more.

Below we have 2 resources available for you to learn some more about these media. Although they are related to using Facebook, the information you can apply to many other social media as well!

Click the Cover image to download the book (opens in a new window):

xxxxxxxx Free resource to learn to promote Facebook for your programxxxxxxxxFacebook Marketing Mania is a free resource to Promote Plugin Homebiz Site

Although Twitter is a very effective and quite popular medium to get your message through, our experience shows that actually quite a few internet marketers do not use them a lot. Especially the ones who are starting.

If you are using Twitter here is an interesting resource which explains many of the ins-and-outs of writing effective Twitter posts:

xxxxHow to use Twitter to promote your Plugin Homebiz Sitexxxx

Using social media is a very personal affair. Don't treat these media as the advertising sources like traffic exchange's and mailers. They require a more personal touch as the main objective is to establish a relation ships with your visitors/ friends/ followers! Try not to be a "sales agent" on social media!

Some pictures you can post to accompany your posts are presented below but be creative yourself!

Example Facebook picture to use to promote the Plugi Homebiz Site

Image URL: http://www.pluginhomebizsite.com/Images/facebook1.png

Facebook image to promote Plugin Homebiz Site

Image URL: http://www.pluginhomebizsite.com/Images/facebook2.png

And here is onother one as an example how you can try to be creative and different. : Smiley!

Not only beauties promote the Plugin Homebiz Site...

Image URL: http://www.pluginhomebizsite.com/Images/facebook3.png